December 16, 2014

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Dish images of Telstar18@138 deg KU band

[Image: IMG_20141216_180926914.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20141216_181005502.jpg]Friends,
Pl.see the Dish images of Telstar18@138 deg KU band...Hope this will be useful for all...
[Image: IMG_20141216_180943958.jpg]
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December 14, 2014

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Cartoon Network started as FTA on Telstar18

Great News for all Kids,
The  no.1 kids channel cartoon network has now started as fta on Telstar18@138 deg KU band.some snaps of this channel with details on ss...

12629 H 43200

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December 6, 2014

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Nat Geo People and NGC wild started on Telstar18 KU band

Good news.Nat Geo People and NGC wild started on Telstar18 @138 deg KU band.This channel is coming as fta now...

12629 H 43200 Mpeg4 dvbs2 8 psk and fec is 2/3.

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December 4, 2014

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18 New channels started on DD Free Dish

Good news.18 new channels found now on dd free dish TP.DD HD channel also coming.Other channels shows color bars with dd free dish logo.Pl.find snaps with details...

11110 V 30000 Mpeg4

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New Fashion tv started on Asiasat7

Dear Friends,
A new fashion television has started from Asiasat 7@105.5 deg C band.This fashion tv is different from the old fashion tv.Some hot fashion shows are being telecasted on this channelThis is coming on horizontal TP with different logo.Pl.find snaps...

3731 H 13650

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December 3, 2014

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Duck TV -New Kids channel on Measat3/3A@91.5 deg C band

Duck TV new kids channel started on Measat3/3A@91.5 deg C band.some snaps with details

[Image: 20141203_180242_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141203_175846_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141203_175851_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141203_175914_0.jpg]
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RTL CBS Entertainment HD fta on Apstar7 C band

RTL CBS Entertainment HD fta on Apstar7 C band@76.5 deg.This channel is coming in the slot of Test.

3780 V 30000 Mpeg4 dvbs2 8 psk

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Sport box HD started on Telstar18

Dear Friends,
sports box HD new HD channel has started from Telstar38@138 deg KU band.Many channels are still running as fta on this sat including BBC package and Trace Music...
12628 H 43200 Mpeg4 HD

[Image: 20141203_074230_0.jpg]
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RTV and Independant TV started from Eutelsat70B

RTV and Independant TV started from Eutelsat70B@70 deg KU band.This channel is coming on TP 11293 H 44900 on Mpeg4dvbs2 8 psk format.Now totally 12 channels are available as fta on this satellite.mainly bangladesh channels and sri lanka channels were coming.

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November 28, 2014

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Interactive TV started again on Intelsat17@66 deg

Good news Friends,ITV is back now on IS17@66 deg C band,The signal is good.

3966 H 14400

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Openbox A7G with sim and Gprs slot!!!

1.Advanced HD MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264/VC-1 fully DVB-S/DVB-S2 conpliant
2.IPTV Support(Internet TV and Internet Radio)
3.DLNA(DMP,DMR,DMS) and Samba Support
4.Network App Support(Youtube,Dialymotion,Katina TV,Dubai Media),Quran Audio,Aljazeera,Ex.UA,Onlain Film, Vimeo,Veoh,Livesteam.
5.Web photes,Google map,Yahoo Weather,Gmail,Rssnews,Internet Radio.
6.Native OSD game(Boxman,Teris,Hitrat,GoBang,Sudoku)
7.Ethernet RJ45
8.N32 game Download 
9.USB WiFi,3G Modem, GPRS Modem Support.
10.Update SW and Datebase and keys separate viA USB and online FTP Sever
11.USB boot recovery software system.
12.32 favorite groups;
13.2 high speed USB2.0 host supported
14.1 smart card reader
15.Fully support 7days EPG
16.Multi-Language(English ,French,Deutsch, Italian,Spanish,Swedish,Portugese,Finish,Holland,Turkish,Czech,Danish,Arabic,Gre​ece,Russian)
17.Fast blind Scan, auto and manual search
18.Subtitle Support
19.8 Program Times
20.Parents control (Programs lock and parental rating)
21.Max 8000 channels and 2000 Transponders
22.Editor channel list on PC;
23.Channel list,System setting,and keys can be saved on USB
24.PVR and Time Shift support
25.Full video resolution ,1080P/1080i/720P/576p/576i/480P/480i
26.Fat16/32 NTFS.File system support
27.Aspect ratio 4:3/4:3LB/4:3PS/16:9/16:9LB/16:9PS
28.Dolby(AC3,DD+),AAC-LC,HE-AAC audio support.
29.Video file playback( (Divx 4.0/5.0)
30.Video Subtitle Support
31.AVI Subtitle(Internal)
32.AVI Subtitle(External) file type (*.srt,*smi,*psb,*sub,*ssa,*ass,*.txt)
33.Audio file playback(.mp3,.wma,.wal,.aac)
34.Image file playback(.jpg,.bmp,.gif,.Png,.tif,.tiff) (Hardware JPG,decode).
35.Text file play(.txt)
36.Audio EQ(Standard /classic/rock/jazz/pop)
37.Audio Surround(concert church/passive/live).
* Packing details:
1x User Manual
1X A7g HD PVR satellite receiver
1X Remote Control
1X AV Cable
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Many channels fta from Telstar18@138 deg KU band

Dear Friends,
Many channels fta from Telstar18@138 deg KU band.This satellite can be easily catchable on 2 ft dish.BBC HD channels and some good entertainment channels are fta...Pl.find some snaps below...

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Telstar18 blind scan report on 2 feet dish

Dear Friends,
Pl.find the blind scan report of Telstar18@138 deg KU band.Totally 92 channels were found...

[Image: 20141127_221527_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141127_221641_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141127_221644_0.jpg]

[Image: 20141127_221854_0.jpg]
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