Arasu Cable’s subscriber base has grown ten times in six months to over 49.53 lakh as of April 2012. Over 21,123 operators are extending the Arasu Cable’s programmes to the viewers.

The services of the cable television provider, which was launched in October 2007, were rejuvenated in September 2011. The objective was to offer quality services at an affordable price. Private cable television operators will be able to charge viewers Rs 70 a month and pay Arasu Cable Rs 20 per subscriber.

According to the policy note on IT for 2012-13, tabled in the Assembly today, over 30,194 operators with 1.2 crore subscribers have enrolled with Arasu Cable. The services are being extended gradually.

Previously, viewers had to pay between Rs 150 to Rs 250 a month for cable television services.

As of April 2012 Arasu Cable’s monthly subscription was Rs 32.67 crore.

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