Dan tv has started 6 channels in Northern Srilanka
1.Dan tv,
2.Dan Yaal Ozhi,
4.Dan Music,
5.Kalvi Tv Channel-1,
6.OHM Tv Tamil
But these channels are available only in srilanka.If this is a satellite feed,it will be useful to the tamil viewers.

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  1. Now watching the Puthu Yugam TV online is also possible. You can watch it live on Internet here: Pudhu Yugam TV

  2. The pudhu yugam television is doing good as far as I have seen. Hope this comes out well in the future. Pudhu Yugam TV has to really do that can divert and bring in other TV viewers of world Tamils. Puthiya thalaimurai TV has already gone up in the ranking pushing down Sun News and other news channels. All the best Puthu Yugam...