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  1. Dear sir, You might have watched the "Jaya plus tv" which is daily conducting "interviews" with two ADMK party personalities They wont invite people belonging to other parties like Sun tv or GV tv . Your tv too can conduct such interviews daily with two BJP party's second rung leaders in which the intrviewer can ask questions regarding pesudo secularism, growth of Gujarat State, fake allegations of congress and communist parties that BJP is a communal party, wrong informations about RSS by DK, DMK parties, the plight of kashmir pandits etc etc etc. By this people will get correct informations about bjp and rss. Their mind will change and then they will be willing to join bjp.

    Moreover, IMAYAM tv is telecasting the speeches of VAIKO. Why don't you too telecast our leaders' speeches on regular basis? Sometimes you are telecasting the news which are dead against the bjp. You must avoid them in future.
    You telecasted the speeches of Modi delivered at Trichy conclave for which I express my hearfelt thanks to your tv. I could hear his speeches and watch the conclave from my home thanks to your tv channel.

    I will be very thankful to you if you give respect to my above ideas which will be very much helpful for the growth of bjp in Tamilnadu. Because bjp has no its own newspaper. Lotus news tv should help the bjp I kindly request you. Please dont discard my humble requests. Kindly have mercy on this poor creature. Dont disappoint me please.

  2. Dear sir, My best wishes for the first birth day of your "LOTUS NEWS TV". It should become one of the best TV channels of Tamil Nadu in the very near future.

    Did you take my suggestions ( mentioned in my first comment ) into your considerations? I have mentioned only feasible things in my suggesions. So it is very easy for you to implement them with immediate effect. Since the parliamentary election date is fast approching, I earnestly hope that you will not sit on my useful opinions which will definitely help for the rapid growth of BJP in Tamilnadu

    As you step in the second year, your programmes will get facelift by including my humble suggestions. I will be eagerly watching your tv programme to find out whether my suggestions have neen respected or not. Dont disappoint me.

  3. Generally BJP people are adamant and they won't pay heed to good suggestions.. Because they think that they alone are genius people in the whole world and they are not in need of any adivce from other people whom they consider fools.

    I have given simple ideas (in my first comment) for the rapid growth of our party in Tamil Nadu. But you are not willing to consider them and give them a shape. Cadre are like ladder. Without cadre (=ladder) no one can become a leader. But BJP never cares about its cadre. I did not command, but I placed my humble requests in my comments. I wonder whether you people have heart of stone. I did not ask you to bend the sky into a bow. I asked you to follow suit the programmes of other tv channels.Is there any wrong in it? What prevents you people to implement them. Our BJP people who participate in DEBATES conducted by other tv channels do not give convincing answers to the allegations of other political people. The people who are watching the debate programme will get a bad impressions about our party because of poor performance of our people in the debate.

    Finally again I request you to be kind enough to include the following new programmes in your tv channel in no time. 1) News and views (in which two people should discuss the news items published in the newspapers on that day as is being done in the Thanthi tv channel in the MEI PORUL KANBATHU ARIVU programme) 2) "ENGAL KELVI KANAIUM UNGAL PATHIL VINAIUM" (in which two BJP people should be invited. The interviewer should put questions to both of them regarding corruption, pesudo secularism, dynasty, Govt's failure, wrong foreign policy development in Gujarat state, appeasement, etc etc etc. as is being done by Jaya plus tv channel 3) THALAIVAR PESUGIRAR (in which the speeches of our party leaders delivered at various public meetings should be telecasted as is being telecasted by the IMAYAM TV).

    Will you kindly pay heed to my simple and humble ideas?Please implement them immediately. I implore you kindly by touching your golden feet. I have stooped low beyond my capacity. What else do you want me to do? I am ready to do it only for the growth of my beloved party (BJP) . Please kindly post your kind and positive reply here itself and now itself without fail.

  4. what happened to my third comment?

  5. please publish my 3rd comment posted yesterday at 9.15 AM. without delay and with your kind reply.

  6. I firmly beleive that you will not definitely publish my comments here.Because that is the special trait of bjp people. It is all right. At least take my suggestions into your kind considerations for implementations. May God save BJP and Hindu people living in India! Even if God too does not want to help these hapless people, let all the Hindus die by plunging into Hindu Maha samuthiram. No other go. Long live Lotus news channel!

  7. Respected sirs,

    From 21-7-2012, even a single person has not posted a comment here. I posted my comment on 5-10-2013 But you are not all willing to take the good suggestions from my comment. I am not begging you for alms to eke out my living. When I beg you, you have every right to refuse to throw a coin on my face. But I am giving my ideas for the fast growth of BJP in Tamilnadu. Why do you neglect my ideas? ? The election is fast approaching, my dear sir. We don't have a daily newspaper in Tamilnadu. To offset that handicap you must take a lot of efforts to sensitize our people with the correct informations about BJP, Modi and RSS. Because our enemies are having powerful media (both print and electronic) through which they are propagating false propaganda against BJP. If you kindly disclose what you have actually in your mind with a reply here itself as expediously as possible, I can understand you problem if any and would not post my comments hereafter. O.K?

  8. Dear sir,

    I am very much disappointed by your silence. I think this is like the one way traffic where we cannot expect any bus from opposite side. Even if I cry on a hill, there will be echo. If I drop a stone into a well there will be ripples on the surface of water. But it is foolish to expect a response from you. Because you are like a God ( or like a KALLU PILLAIYAR) who will never reciprocate our greetings.