In 1938 it was known as ‘Bahagian India Radio Malaya’. In 1970’s it was known as ‘Rangkaian Merah’. In 1977, it was named ‘Radio 6’ and now it is called MINNALfm. MINNALfm became the first 24 hours tamil broadcast service in the world when it was started to broadcast 24 hours on 1st July 1997. Mr. Tanjai Thomas, Mr. A. Peter, Mrs. Swaminathan, Mr. A. R. Iyer, Mr. Rama Iyer, Mr. Haneef and Mr. Sunder Raj were the pioneers to the tamil broadcasting in Malaysia.
MINNALfm plays an important role whereby this station impart the
beneficial information to the public as a government organization.
MINNALfm contribute a lot to the Indian society in many aspects such
as education, entertainment, create awareness among the society about
the current issues, health, law and many more.

This well known station among the Indian society in this country also
has listeners from all over the world. In this country MINNALfm plays
an important role to the growth of the Tamil language and also use a
proper Tamil. The vision of MINNALfm is to be a benchmark to the tamil
radio station all around the world.

The mission of this radio station is to impart the governments
messages while serve entertainment based programmes and information to
fulfill the need of the audience either from local or from all around
the world.

The strategies of MINNALfm are to impart messages to the public by
using the exact, compact and newest approach to get closer to the
listeners through out infortainment based programmes to create
listeners group in each area with more Indians to use a standard tamil
language and convey it in the best way creating listeners of MINNALfm
all around the world and get closer to the listeners through road
shows organized by MINNALfm.

While being the best and ideal leisure partner, MINNALfm also creates
many dramas that shows the public moral values, the current problems
faced by the Indian teenagers and problems that occur in the Indian
families nowadays.

At the same time MINNALfm has also organized many events that
entertain the listeners and present some valueable thoughts which will
shape our society towards knowledgeable community. The first audience
shows were introduced in 1957 during which “kalapadam” was broadcasted
fron KL Town Hall and the format of the programme is being retained
till this day because of it’s popularity.

MINNALfm never failed to inform the Indian society about the current
issues and cultural information to keep the Indian society aware of
the events which happens aroynd them. MINNALfm consist many young
vibrant, eligible and talented dj’s who are presenting the programmes
in versatile ways to attract the youngsters.

MINNALfm aims to :-

Entertain and inform the public with the latest information which is
accurate, and trustworthy.
Win the hearts of listerners with programs based on infortainment.
Reach the listerners in every indian majority area in Malaysia.
Create a world wide listernership.
Widen the use of standard tamil and maintain the quality of programmes.
Strengthen the links with the listerners through radio on location
roadshow activities.

To become the benchmark tamil radio station of the world.

To provide information and government messages to the malaysian public
through programmes and information tailored to the taste of local as
well as international listerner.




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