Dear Friends,
Now a days HD channels are popular among all people.This is due to high quality audio and video.Now I list out the FTA channels in HD.

Asiasat 5 @ 100.5 deg
1.Fashion TV HD
2.Trace TV
3.Trace Sport

Measat 3/3A @ 91.5 deg
4.Russia Today Doc
5.Russia Today
6.Edge Sport

Thaicom 5 @ 78.5 deg

7.Thai PBS

Abs1 @ 75 deg

8.Motor Vision Tv

IS 20 @ 68.5 deg

9.Mtunes HD
10.NHK World HD
11.For Real News HD

IS 17 @ 66b deg

12.Angel Tv.

Chinasat 6B@ 115 deg

13.CCTV 22

ST2 @ 88 DEG

14.Videoland HD

Apstar 7 @ 76.5 deg

15.Asian Tv
16.SA Tv
17.Ekatoor Tv


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