[Image: dsc00594pi.jpg]Dear ALL,

This is my new dish set up.I installed one impex 185 cm dish last week and i have fitted 3 lnb's in this dish.The centre lnb is for measat 91.5 deg C band,side lnb is for Asiasat5@100.5 deg and Asiasat 105.5 deg respectively.I am receiving all the tp's in all these sat's.

[Image: dsc00595zb.jpg]

[Image: dsc00596vr.jpg]

[Image: w70hsx.jpg]
This is my 8 ft dish positioned towards IS20@68.5 deg.This is a polar mount dish in which i am receiving Paksat 38 deg to Chinasat@115 deg.There is a handle in this dish thru which we can rotate the dish to get different sats.

[Image: dsc00599xx.jpg]

3 ft Microwave dish for catching C band signals.

[Image: dsc00593lllh.jpg]

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  1. So How much dish you have set up. How much you spent for all this setup?

    Can you please post all these details?