[Image: 2zoyhwl.jpg]Good news to All,
CTH package is Now FTA on ABS1@ 75 deg.This packege includes some popular channels like NGC Wild,Fox Crime,EDGE sports,...Some of the screenshots first on our site.The Technical details are

Satellite:ABS1 @ 75 deg C band
Format Mpeg2 DVBS

[Image: 2zoyhwl.jpg]

[Image: 2hcdm5z.jpg]

[Image: edgeb.jpg]

[Image: afcu.jpg]

[Image: biom.jpg]

[Image: busbaba.jpg]

[Image: cinemaem.jpg]

[Image: flashyq.jpg]

[Image: jimjam.jpg]

[Image: seriesoi.jpg]

[Image: scin.jpg]

[Image: skymovie.jpg]

[Image: skyasia.jpg]

[Image: travellr.jpg]

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  1. sir i m in punjab in how many cm dish anteana kuband would i recive abs1@75 tell which dish antena would iuse tatasky or dishtv and give me the frequency in which i can recive channels more faster for kuband i have mpeg2 reciver

  2. you need min 6 ft dish to catch this satellite