[Image: ofsgw7.jpg]Dear Friends,Now-a- days if you want to buy a prime focus ku band lnb,the cost is high.For this there is a new technique,you can make a prime focus ku band lnb yourself.Take one sharp ku band lnb.Open the bottom side of the lnb as shown below.Note friends sharp is the best ku band lnb.Then buy one aluminium plate.Give it in lathe and cut it like a scalar ring as shown in the diagram.Then take one small pipe as shown in the diagram.Cut that pipe and fix it with the lnb with a paste.Now ku band prime focus lnb is ready.This method is working 100%.when comparing with Actual PRIME FOCUS lnb , the signal has been increased by 5% on my lnb You can now use this lnb even in your 6 ft dish to catch out of coverage signals like yahsat@52.5 deg,Eutelsat@21.5 deg,...Pl.feel free to ask your doubts.Now you can save your money by making a prime focus lnb of your own..Many thanks to Mr.vijay to make this experiment a successful one.

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[Image: 344tu9w.jpg]

[Image: 34fmush.jpg]

[Image: s1509f.jpg]

[Image: ofsgw7.jpg]

[Image: 1r8zz6.jpg]

[Image: 33vkb9x.jpg]

[Image: 2d75x1l.jpg]

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  1. I am resident of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), here v r able to access Asiasat 5 only to view indian D2H of Ku band, since few years v r unable to access C band of Asiasat 3s, as the Indian channels r only C band, which is interrupted by local mobile co, (Zain mobile). Is there any way to access Indian D2h in Jeddah other than Asiasat5 as the prime satellite of DishTV is NSS6. my contact e-mail is "d2hindia@rediff.com"

  2. You have to use filter wo gain uninterrupted signals but the cost of the filter is high and available only in US and UK.

  3. can somebody please guide on buying a good package of all these
    dish antenna 6 or 8 feet which ever is better
    best receiver
    and both c and ku band lnb if possible with dual output
    thank u
    i stay in bangalore pls guide me whrer to buy even

  4. hi i'm from ethiopia how can i track with out coverage satellite dish like azerspace 46 degree east

  5. thank u boss super idea i like it if you have willing to share with me please contact or sent goelectra@gmail.com

  6. how about do this on quatrro or octto lnb does it will work on many outputs

  7. how about to do this on many output lnb like quatrro or occto does this will work

  8. Can this type of lnb work in Nigeria?