Dear Friends,
In this post,i have given the ku band dish set up of Mr.prakash.This guy is doing some wonderful experiments in his 90 cm dish and got success.Yes friends he has taken the signals of 4 ku band satellites in his dish.He is getting Thaicom5,ABS1,Insat 4B,Asiasat 5 signals on his 90 cm dish.Bestsatinfo appreciates his hard work.Pl.find the Screenshots friends.

Asiasat5@100.5 : 2tps&32 channels(Leftmost LNB)
Insat4B@93.5 :ll tps & 59 channels(Second Left LNB)
Thaicom5@78.5 :6tp & 104 channels(Center LNB)
ABS1@75 :1tps & 10 channels(Right LNB)
Insat4CR@74 :4 tps & 5 channels
He has taken75 deg and 74 deg in the same lnb.


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  1. super Mr prakesh phone no pls

  2. I too in need of Mr.Prakash Cell Number, My contact no. is 9443670130, from The Nilgiris