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[Image: s4_zps4a885770.jpg]

In this post,I am giving the pictures of yahsat 1A signals taken from kangayam,TamilNadu.Since there is fox,fox movies and star movies are available on this satellite,all of us are trying to catch this bird.This satellite is caught best on a 6 ft offset dish.My friend prakash from kangayam has taken this sat with his 6 ft offset dish.The offset dish antenna is costly and out of coverage signals can be tracked well on the offset dish.The main thing is that he is using a conical scalar ring on his set up and due to this he is receiving 11 transponders with 56 channels.He is getting all the HD channels.Bestsatinfo appreciate prakash for his hard work.He have also taken 21.5 deg KU band signals and some more out of coverage signals.Pl.find the dish images and it may be helpful for you to track on your own.

[Image: s4_zps4a885770.jpg]

[Image: s3_zps799b4e50.jpg]

[Image: s2_zpscac4a2b1.jpg]

[Image: s1_zpse126623a.jpg]

[Image: s_zps3a4a44aa.jpg]
Conical Scalar Ring
[Image: p1_zps357a70da.jpg]

[Image: p_zps9a9c5374.jpg]
[Image: c1_zps94e52b0e.jpg]


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