[Image: IMG0830A_zpsf1860572.jpg]Dear All,
Wish You a happy Pongal To All...Good news.Now All the raj network channels are running as FTA on Asiasat5@100.5 deg C band.It is coming on TP 3643 H 20640.This is temporary fta.Pl.find SS...

[Image: IMG0830A_zpsf1860572.jpg]

[Image: IMG0832A_zpsa8baafd0.jpg]

[Image: IMG0834A_zpse4bef29c.jpg]

[Image: r1_zps397290a7.jpg]

[Image: ra_zpsb8f4d0f5.jpg]

[Image: rd_zpsabc06a58.jpg]

[Image: rd2_zps5709373b.jpg]

[Image: rk_zpsbec72228.jpg]

[Image: rm_zps1d5ff596.jpg]

[Image: rn_zpsce9b8603.jpg]

[Image: vi_zpsf8b17df7.jpg]

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