[Image: r_zps02099c0c.jpg]Dear All,
Royal TV channel is shifting from Insat4A@83 deg to Asiasat5@100.5 deg.Already the channel started test on 100.5 deg.Now the scrolling is running on Insat4A@83deg.so soon it will stop transmission on Insat4A and will be available only on Asiasat5@100.5 deg C band.Some ss on our site...

[Image: r_zps02099c0c.jpg]

[Image: r2_zps7573eb4e.jpg]

[Image: r3_zps436ee964.jpg]

[Image: r5_zps9a505ce7.jpg]

[Image: r6_zpse8ae111b.jpg]

[Image: roy_zps945246ca.jpg]

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