Dear All,
This post is dedicated for those who want to become dish technicians and those who want to fit the dish of their own.
For the first time in forum history we are giving the step by step procedure to fit a C band dish.Now a days if you want to fit a C band dish you should have to pay min 1500 rs to the technicians.More over C band technicians are rare.If you fit the dish of 
your own then you can save this money and it will be a good experience for you.

C band dish come in the following pack and looks like this.If you open the pack there will be 2 circular rings one is large and the other one is small.First take the large circular ring and place it on ground.

Then there will be 3 connecting rods.Take that rods and fit it like a stand.Then take the smaller circular ring and place it above the rod and tighten the bolts and nuts.In the next step thee will be 6 panels coming with the pack.

Take all the 6 panels and join all these 6 panels as shown in picture. 

Then fit the clamps on all the second hole of the panels backside.This is for holding the dish with the stand.

Now after this take the 3 lnb connecting rods and fit all the 3 ends of the panel.Now take the scalar ring.Fit the other 3 end of lnb rods to the scalar ring.Now take the lnb and fit it in the Center.That's all,your dish is ready now.I think this will be clear to you.

Pl.see the images carefully and assemble the dish.If you have more douts feel free to ask any questions.

All members pl.give your feed back if you really like this post.This will be encouraging me.

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