Dear All,
I got a new teflon patty specially made for me from vijaympeg4.This teflon is giving more signals than the normal ordinary teflon plate.Now i am getting 15% more signals for yamal202@49 deg C band.This teflon is really useful for catching the max signals....
Thanks to vijay bro...

Pl.find the snaps below...

Dish image with new teflon

[Image: Photo1217_zpsebfc6336.jpg]

signal strength of my old teflon

[Image: IMG1329A_zps8d7279c8.jpg]

New improved signal strength after inserting the new teflon

[Image: IMG1333A_zps82eefcde.jpg]

More close images...

[Image: IMG1340A_zps921ed7e5.jpg]

[Image: IMG1341A_zpsfd7da65c.jpg]

[Image: IMG1343A_zpsd29a184f.jpg]

[Image: IMG1342A_zps0f79b52d.jpg]

[Image: IMG1344A_zpsfa1113ee.jpg]

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