Dear All,
Janapriya,sakhi TV and suryansh melody started on IS20@68.5 deg C band.There are totally 24 test channels started on this new snaps...

Janapriya started on IS20@68.5 deg C band.This channel is coming in Test 9.

[Image: 20140403_123749_0_zpsfcb14526.jpg]
[Image: 20140403_123726_0_zps0ac9f062.jpg]
[Image: 20140403_123742_0_zpsbb588795.jpg]

Dear Friends,
Suryansh Melody started on Is20@68.5 deg C band.This TP has very good signals.This channel is coming in the slot of Test11.Pl.find snaps below

[Image: 20140403_123910_0_zpsd21b4017.jpg]

[Image: 20140403_123903_0_zpsee290f76.jpg]

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