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Maha Movie - New Movie channel on IS20@68.5 deg C band.This channel is scanned in the name of test 9.Pl.find parameter details and snaps below...

[Image: 20140516_063318_0_zpsb53b366d.jpg]

[Image: 20140516_063607_0_zps50090d0a.jpg]

[Image: 20140516_063331_0_zps2ef6f38f.jpg]

[Image: 20140516_063324_0_zps95ef9343.jpg]

[Image: 20140516_063336_0_zps1b46ffe2.jpg]

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  1. Please Update your information...Maha Movie Hindi Movie Channel is Lauched by Teleone Consumers Product Pvt. Ltd .

    Thanx & Regards

    Mahamovie Team